“Keeping it simple”

for your care home


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It’s time to “Keep It Simple”

In house £20 per person (or less)
Online £15 per course (or less) 

All courses are followed with a knowledge assessment that can be used as evidence for NVQ`s Diplomas and other personal developments.

By Keeping It Simple and relevant we find our teaching technique highly effective and will support any personal needs.

life is easy when you

“keep it simple”


email kisacademy@gmail.com

Or give us a call on 0740 2006 713


  1. Which countries were you thinking of? 

    All of our standards are set by the UK HSE and CQC standards… 

    However we do offer translated courses and could bespoke courses to suit the standards that you need, it would depend on how many courses you would need and how many staff it would be for? 

    We are charged per person logged on our online system. 

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