Trainer Qualifications

Who can and cannot train:

Until the beginning of 2010 there were no set regulations on who could and who could not teach the minimum standards and the basic courses in care, at this point most training was done in-house by a designated manager.
Now, with more and more courses required and set Skills for Care Standards, guidance Compliance Regulations and knowledge Based Evidence it is also required that these course are held by someone qualified to teach and with relevant experience in their field. All teaching qualifications now are based on the Teaching Life Long Skills PTLLS, CTLLS, DTLLS.
All of our instructors and consultants have worked as care workers and have a minimum of 10 years experience in the care sector, they are all qualified to teach with a minimum of a PTLLS and are committed to monthly development programmes as part of company policy and best practice.
All of our courses are followed with a knowledge assessment marked with 3 separate grades, and can be put forward as NVQ evidence.

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